Yomi Kastro

Inveon and Inventures – Founder and CEO

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Yomi-Kastro-300x450pxYomi Kastro is the founder and CEO of Inveon and Inventures. He programmed his first software at the age of 11 and has dedicated himself to information technologies and internet ventures ever since.

In 2006 he founded Inveon to develop web based software solutions and e-commerce infrastructures for enterprises in addition to creating internet ventures requiring advanced technology. Inveon was selected as one of the most successful startup companies in 2008 by Endeavor.

Kastro founded Inventures in 2009 as an accelerator to provide technology, investment and business development support to promising internet ventures. He is the co-founder and/or investor of more than 15 successful internet ventures including 1V1Y, Trendyol, Ideasoft, Blesh, Scorp, Tazemasa, Supplementler and Bulucak.

He was selected as the “Most Successful Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009” by JCI. During his PhD, Kastro’s articles on Internet technologies, machine learning and software engineering were published in numerous academic journals.

Completing his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in in Computer Engineering at Bogaziçi University recognized with a high honor’s degree, Kastro advanced his academic career by completing the Harvard Business School (HBS) Private Equity and Venture Capital Program.

Yomi Kastro is a founding board member of Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation. In his spare time, he likes to travel and explore different countries on his motorcycle, solve brainteasers and listen to New Age music.