Bora Arslan

Director of Customer Analytics and Decision Science,


Bora-ArslanBora Arslan has over two decades of global leadership experience in the fields of decision sciences, customer relationship management, customer intelligence, and information systems.

As a member of the Walmart Enterprise Leadership organization, Bora leads the global analytics solution development and strategy function, responsible for not only developing innovative data driven capabilities with emerging methodologies and enabling technologies, but also seamlessly infusing these capabilities into business processes as an essential enabler of these processes.

Shortly after his assignment at the Peppers & Rogers Group, Bora led enterprise capability development efforts for Walgreens, Co. His leadership supported loyalty program design and execution, multi-channel customer contact strategy, integrated marketing, customer experience management, and data governance.

As a Partner at the Peppers & Rogers Group, Bora provided consulting services to a wide range of leading companies from several industries including retail, hi-tech, e-commerce, banking, automotive, telecommunication, and logistics.

Bora holds a PhD in Mathematics and has several published articles on personalization, customer intelligence, and social choice theory. Bora presented his ideas, as invited speaker, at international scientific conferences.

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