Alemşah Öztürk graduated from Yıldız Technical University after finishing Kabataş High School. Because of his passion developed in student years for the internet, he started his career early.

In 1999 he established his first agency, Plus v.2 with his friends. Later on his career, he worked as a creative director in many advertising agencies. With the development of the digital advertising industry, he quit his job on Manajans and found his digital advertising agency 41?29! in 2007.

He won countless awards with 41?29! and also become co-founder of Arcademonk, Grupanya and Dijital Büro İstanbul in 2010. After 2011, he sold majority share of 41?29! to WPP and pave the way for the agency to become a regional player.

As of 2015, he merged Grey İstanbul with 41?29! into 4129Grey, which offers service as an integrated full service advertising agency.