Demirhan Büyüközcü graduated from Metu Electronics. Finished MSc. on AI and dropped at Phd.

Started KADE in 2006 by winning #2 in YFYI contest. Has been CTO btw 2006-2013. Developed numerious products for counting & tracking olives, cement bags, traffic, human, animals for industrial, military and commercial projects.

Co-Founded in 2012. Became CEO of KADE & pivoted KADE to V-Count in 2013 to develop solutions for visitor analytics for the offline world and optimize physical spaces through this data.

Dominated Turkish market, started global sales in 2014. Received first investment from Revo VC in 2016. Opened U.S. Office in 2017. Actively selling V-Count products in 80+ countries with 25+ resellers around the world.