İlker Kuruöz earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Bilkent University Department of Computer Engineering and started his professional career in the USA. Mr. Kuruöz worked at Garanti Technology as Application Development Senior Vice President between 1997-2006 and worked at a global consulting firm as IT Consulting Senior Manager. Between the years 2006-2016, he has served as Business and Technical Solutions Division Head, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Group Officer and for a short time acting CEO at a private telecommunication and technology services provider, Mr. Kuruöz worked as CTO at Doğuş Group and CEO at Doğuş Technology during 2016-2018. As of March 14, 2018, Mr. Kuruöz was appointed Executive Vice President responsible for Engineering & Data and the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Garanti Technology. With 23 years of experience in banking and business administration, Mr. Kuruöz’s areas of responsibility are Organization and Process Development, Anti-Fraud Monitoring, Data & Business Analytics, Abacus Operations Center and Garanti Bank Technology Center.