Mehmet İMRAK is the founder&CEO of Taglette. He has been developing RFID based designs for 15 years. He has worked abroad on RFID technology for about 8 years and raised Eur 2 mio fund support from Austria Technology Funds. He used this fund to develop microchips and RFID readers.

Now he is managing the company Taglette and its team of 11 employees.

Taglette is a company which develops microchip technologies to monitor, control and analyse all processes from production to consumption.

With the help of Taglette’s RFID microchips and antennas that receive signals from those microchips, you can locate products in store, do inventory control automatically and realtime, gather data including which products are liked, tried and bought most by the customers. Furthermore, product security is ensured and payment processes can be done in a faster and easier way by customers’ mobile phones.

With the help of Taglette technologies, brands can provide their customers the luxury of simple and fast shopping experience as if they are shopping online.