Okan, with almost 20 years experience, leads a group of 60+ young engineers who build solutions for DenizBank internal and external customers. He built data science, CRM and database marketing teams in both Finansbank and DenizBank, guided more than 50 projects  with a substantial practical experience in leveraging data to build products, extracting information, optimising tools with innovative model development, designing analytics program and decision making.

He brings a unique combination of technical expertise, analytics management experience and ability to lead organizational change.

Specialties and skills:

4 degrees from different universities including Executive MBA data science, decision science, public-speaking, story telling, leadership, strategy, process architecture.

Statistics, decision theory, behavioral economics, temporal causal modeling, high-performance computing.

Mathematical modelling, simulation, optimization. customer experience. proficient use of R, Python, C/C++, SQL and has certificates of KXEN, SPSS and SAS.