Dr. Salah Al-Najem is an Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing at Kuwait University (from 1998 till present). He received his Master’s and PhD degrees in Computational Linguistics from Essex University in England. He is a Consultant in the Central Agency for Information Technology at the Council of Ministers (from 2006 till present). He is also a Consultant in the Office of Consultative Studies and Research at the Amiri Diwan (Royal Court) (from 2000 till present). He is also a consultant at Kuwait general Assembly (From 2014 till present). He is also an Information Technology Consultant at the Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs, Kuwait University (from June 2004 till 2006 and from 2013 till present). Dr. Salah is also a producer and host of Information Technology shows at Kuwait TV (from 2004 till present). His I.T. Awareness TV segment are available on the Official Portal of Kuwait (e.gov.kw/awareness) and on Youtube (www.alnajem.com/youtube).

During his work in the Central Agency for Information Technology, he worked as a member in a number of committees supervising a number of Information Technology and E-Government projects.