Yigit Kulabaş has a successful career of 25 years.

His career can be summarised in three tracks: a senior executive, an academician and an author.

He is the founder and chairman of “RE/Design Business”. RE/Design Business is a strategic innovation and design agency specialised in both design thinking and business design. Through their Istanbul and Stockholm offices they serve customers in Turkey, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.

Until recently Kulabaş was Turkcell’s Chief Marketing Officer. Previously he worked in Microsoft, Ericsson, Oracle and NCR. He worked at Ericsson’s Headquarters in Sweden as the global marketing director for 4 years.

Yiğit Kulabaş is a management board member at SDN-Service Design Network, a global NGO.

Graduated from Bilkent University Computer Engineering, Yiğit Kulabaş has a doctorate in Marketing at ITU. He is currently delivering lectures in the MBA program at Bilgi University on Innovation Management and Digital Transformation.

Kulabaş is a columnist in Capital magazine. So far, he has two novels published.

Kulabaş is married and has two children.